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Another Passive Hydride Emergency Release Scrubber Installed

Dynaxa LLC recently completed sale and start-up of another Emergency Release Scrubber (ERS) for toxic and flammable hydride gases.  These units contain scrubbing media and are installed in the exhaust ductwork of toxic gas cylinder cabinets.  Essentially they are  “Wide Spots” in the ductwork. They are completely […]

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Replacement Modules now available for ATMI ERS (Emergency Release Scrubbers). Complete new replacement units also available.

Dynaxa LLC can now coordinate replacement modules for the ERS (Emergency Release Scrubbers) formerly sold by ATMI.  These units are designed to scrub the entire catastrophic release from arsine gas cylinders to < ½ IDLH.  The dry, chemisorption technology is passive, non-flammable and irreversible.  These are direct […]

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