CDO™ 863 (Brand New!) & 859 Added to Inventory

We have just taken possession of a CDO™ 863 & 859 and they will be available for sale by next week.

CDO™ 863  Sept 3 updateSOLD   This is a brand new, never used CDO 863!

Using the experience gained from the CDO™ 862 hydrogen reagent system, the 863 utilizes DI water as the reagent to react with strong oxidizers. Built on a PLC control platform, the 863 has the same corrosion resistant materials used in the 862.  The system is standard recirculation/sump pump drain unit. Freshwater usage is reduced to 0.3 GPM.

CDO™ 859  This Unit Was Sold

We also have an 859 unit available.  The 859 was the upgraded version of the 858 and has PLC control.

Please let us know if you are interested.  These units can be customized to meet your requirements.  Photo  below is of actual CDO 863.  Call us at 203-300-5237.

CDO 863 gas abatement