Improved Pump for Vector Water Scrubbers – BUT WHO GIVES a RAT’s A_ _?

Your Scrubber Maintenance techs will, and care a lot!

If you install the newer magnetically coupled pump in the Vector Water scrubber they can go to the Bahamas, sit on the beach and not worry about downtime on that heavy particulate process!

Yes, the standard direct mechanical replacement pump is still available, but come on folks, updrade and send someone to the Islands!

A Magnetically Coupled replacement pump, with or without adaptor kit, is available for Vector water scrubbers (manufactured by Vector, ATMI, Metron, Applied Materials).  These pumps replace the original Sta-Rite pumps and provide increased reliability and decreased down time.   One customer upgraded ten (10) of his units with the magnetically coupled pump and reports that the upgrade was  “not particularly easy”  (consider that job security) but performance was “far superior” and worth it.

Please contact Dynaxa LLC at 203-300-5237

You can install yourself or we can provide service technicians to do the work while you are home packing!